Amount Plus

Amount Plus is an extremely advanced and versatile unit converter for iOS, enhanced version of the multi award winning app Amount.

Amount Plus improves every aspect of the previous version maintaining the same innovative concept and adds features without sacrificing usability.

It offers a lot of advanced features like real time multiple conversions, fast unit comparison and smart search and filtering, everything packed with a gorgeous user interface with smooth animations.
It is fully customizable, from the categories and units displayed to the app behavior in different contexts, and also allows the user to add his own custom units to each category.

Amount Plus offers faster ways to convert units than its predecessor, even from outside the app. The user can now create unit shortcuts that will be displayed in the app's main screen and in Notification Center to quickly compare units.
Shortcuts can be created and managed even for the new Apple Watch companion app, which displays them in a clean interface specifically designed for the small watch screen and offers simple conversion actions to quickly convert units on the wrist.

  • Featured by Apple in Editor's Choice
  • Featured by Apple in Best New Apps
  • Featured by Apple in Learn Your Facts
  • Featured by Apple in Get Started for Apple Watch

If you have any question about Amount Plus you can contact the support by sending a mail to

App’s category screen on iPhone
App’s units and compare screens on iPhone
App’s edit and shortcut screens on iPhone
Example of fonts used in the app
App’s Apple Watch user interface
App’s settings screen on iPhone and iPad