Lettercraft is a word game for iOS, developed in collaboration with Stefano Figurelli.

Inspired by the gameplay of GREG, Lettercraft features a completely new gameplay in the word games scenario.
It provides a board full of letters which the user should use to make words.
Every letter periodically becomes hotter until it burns: once a letter is burnt it can't be used anymore. Every time a letter is used to form a correct word it is cooled down. The game ends when there are less than 3 letters available on the board.

Lettercraft features 4 different game modes: Levels, Survival, Practice and Multiplayer.
Lettercraft allows the user to play using words in 5 different languages: English/American, Italian, Spanish, German and French. Each language can be changed in the settings screen inside the app, and it's completely independent from the device's language.
Lettercraft puts a strong focus on the statistics of the user's play style, keeping track of every aspect of the game like progress, most used words, average word length, success rate, amount of every letter used as well as the shortest and longest word made with every letter.

  • Featured by Apple in Best New Games
  • Featured by Apple in Best Of March 2015
  • Featured by Apple in Great Games
  • Featured by Apple in What We're Playing
  • Featured by Starbucks as Pick Of The Week

If you have any question about Lettercraft you can contact the support by sending a mail to lettercraft@marcotorretta.com.

App’s logo
Example of fonts used in the app
App’s various game screens